2017 Criminal Minds Reverse Big Bang!

So in a burst of insanity, we decided to do a Reverse Bang to fill in the time between now and when the Bang starts again in November.

Sign up open up for artist and writer starting on Monday, June 5th.

Don’t know what a Reverse Bang is? Well, it’s simple it’s the reverse of a Bang. The art comes first and a story is made from it. For this, also, the minimum word count of the fic is 3,000.

We have no clue what kind of response we are going to have so we are limiting the art to one piece per artist but with the author, there really is no limit (other than what you actually think you can do). And really the number of stories to be written are based on how many pieces of art we get and how many authors. We will strive we make sure that every piece of art has at least one story wrote for it!

This is the calendar for the Reverse Bang and it can be found on the website. But if you want to be added to the Google version, just comment on here and ask to be added. 
-Sign Ups Open
7/8-Sign Ups Close
8/12-Art Rough Draft Due
8/19-Artist/Writer Pair Up
9/1-1st Artist Check In
9/15-1st Writer Check In
10/1-2nd Artist Check In
10/15-2nd Writer Check In
10/31-Art Final/Story Rough Draft Due
11/1-Posting Schedule Set
11/14-Final Drafts Finished
11/15-Posting Starts
11/30-Posting Ends

The sign-up forms will be on the main page for the site so check back on Monday for them.

FAQs can be found here!

Rules can be found here!

Share this post far and wide to get some people to join up.


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