Reverse Bang Sign Ups Are Live!

Sign ups for the Reverse Bang run through July 8th.




6 thoughts on “Reverse Bang Sign Ups Are Live!

  1. Does art have to be a digitally created banner or can it be painted, charcoal, watercolor, cell shade etc as a single or multiple pictures and scanned into jpeg etc form? Never done this before but I would like to. Thanks.


  2. Having never participated in something like this, I’m a little curious/worried about how pair ups are made. I’d like to participate, but I don’t want to leave someone hanging either.


    1. Artists will be supplying a rough draft or final draft of their art. Once that is given over, a document will be made with the art and a list of the artists likes and dislikes for stories. Writers will be allowed to choose on a first come first serve basis from this right drafts. Depending on the amount of art to writers, some art pieces may be claimed more than once, after all others have been claimed. There will be pinch hitters for writing so that if something happens, there will be someone writing a story if a writer had to drop out.

      Does that answer what you want to know? I can explain something in more detail if you need.


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