2017 Bang

For the 2017 Bang, we had 18 stories, 27 pieces of art, and a total of 448,581 words posted.

Posting Date Author Story Artist
15 DarkJediQueen The Dove
AO3 or WordPress
16 Tifer14 The Izzy Effect Jilly James
17 SpencnerTibbsLuvr Against the Grain
AO3 or WordPress
19 Rivermoon1970 The Defiant Ones
AO3 or WordPress


20 DarkJediQueen Shattered Dream
AO3 or WordPress
21 Rivermoon1970 Lost Loves and Buried Memories
AO3 or WordPress
Jilly James
23 Sheridan_rhapsody Ad Veritatem Rivermoon1970
24  SpencnerTibbsLuvr Monsters and Murders
AO3 or WordPress
25 NimueOfTheNorth Dawn Chestnut_NOLA
27 Wednesdays__child  The Professional Rivermoon1970
31 Sherwings  Weeping Willow PickingUpEllen
31 Dazeventura6 The Djinn and the Winchester Jilly James
31 Serier4ever Trust Jilly James
31 Susspencer Spencer’s Labyrinth Tifer14
31 QueenBee4Ever Seeing Clearly Rigel99