2017 Reverse Bang

For the 2017 Reverse Bang, we had 18 pieces of art, 9 stories, and a total of 140,210 words posted.

Posting Date Artist Art Author Story
15 blythechild Here Deejaymil Little Neptune
17 rivermoon1970 Here DarkJediQueen Offers
AO3 or WP
19 SpencnerTibbsLuvr Here shadeshifter

The Most Beautiful Tide

21 blythechild  Within Story rivermoon1970 Changing Tides
22 IcefallsTears  Here NimueOfTheNorth Another Man’s Treasure
27 GhostInTheBAU Here Dazeventura6 The Devil You Know
28 rivermoon1970 Within Story Susspencer Life’s Coda
29 SpencnerTibbsLuvr Here IDreamofAvalon Room in Heaven for All the Stars
30 Dazeventura6  Here Wednesdays__child Love Lies Bleeding